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Burning Desire The Internationally Acclaimed Book

Burning Desire is Abel’s debut book. An internationally acclaimed book with a presence in about 20 countries around the world. In this book, Abel shares 10-power principles to achievement. Everybody knows that it takes a determined person to align their goals in order to achieve their desire. The same is true for organizations; it takes a determined group of people to function in alignment of organizational goals to achieve the organizations bottom line. What else does it take to achieve your desire? Learn more about Burning Desire!

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Meet Abel Mukwevho

When was the last time you hired a speaker who was not only good on stage, but had high content to share with your audience? Well, Abel Mukwevho is that kind of speaker – A WORLD CLASS speaking sensation!

Abel is a multi-talented professional speaker, specializing on subjects around achievement, the world of work and entrepreneurship. He works with organisations, groups and individuals helping them maximise their performance to ACHIEVE optimum excellence and meet their bottom line. Abel’s presentations are rich in content and are extensively customised to be responsive to the challenges and opportunities facing audience members. His rare audience magnetism allows him to reignite the passion of meaningful work in audience members.

Abel’s unique thinking model has helped people and organisations succeed by giving them insights that excite them into action.

His over 10 years of public speaking experience has awarded him the ability to connect to just about anyone; from the street vendor in town to the Executive in the boardroom. From the township school kid to the Professor in University. His unique gift of simple and fascinating story telling concentrated with out of the ordinary speaking techniques, and cutting edge research; engages the full attention of audience members which makes his presentations one of the best engagements anyone could ever attend.

In Abel Mukwevho, you are getting a seasoned speaker and a motivational teacher who is comfortable in small venues or on a main stage in front of thousands. He will teach your audience achievement from a fresh perspective – leaving them energised, a little smarter and definitely inspired to make change. You’re absolutely guaranteed that your audience will have fun and enjoy many good laughs during Abel’s dramatically memorable presentation!