Programme Questionnaire 

(Please complete this to the best of your ability. This will help be able to provide an exceptional service to you and your audience) 

General Information? 

1) What is the purpose of this meeting? 
2) How often do you have this type of event/meeting? 
a. Annually 
b. Semi-Annual 
c. Quarterly 
d. This is a once of event/meeting 

3) If you have had this type of meeting before please let us know who have had speak at this event the past two meetings? 

4) Did the audience like him/her? Why or why not? 

5) What would you like your audience to do, think or feel when I am done? 

6) How will you know if I have done a good job? 

7) Are you interested in using more of my other services after I speak (Brain-storming session, Workshops, Outdoor Team Building) 

8) How else can I help you? 

Venue and Audience Information 

1) How many people will be in the audience? 

2) What type of venue will I be speaking in? 

3) What type of microphone will I be using; handheld, cordless, or lapel? 

4) What is the average age of the audience (Oldest and Youngest?) 

5) What is the male:female ratio of the audience? 

6) Who will be presenting before and after me? (Please also add the presentation title) 

7) Who will be introducing me? 

8) What is the dress code of the audience? Do you have a particular way that you would like me to be dressed? 

9) Are there any topics you would like me to specifically address? 

10) Are there any issues/topics you would like to specifically avoid? 

11) Is there anything I haven’t asked that you would like me to know about your venue and audience? 

12) Please provide emergency contact details of anyone I can contact within 24 hours of the event.