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Why an Outsider?

Why should you hire an outsider to help you and your team facilitate a brainstorming session? No doubt you have heard the cliché; “think outside the box.” Perhaps you have wondered what it means, or you know what it means but you are firmly “in the box”. Many organizations urge their employees to innovate but there is a boundary as to how far they can think. That boundary is the box. For your organization to meet its bottom line, the team that helps you get there needs to be a well-oiled machine, if not; the cracks will show through the productivity of your organization.

So you and your team have been working in that organization/department for
a number of years, and there is a conventional way of doing things so you have
a set way of thinking. That set way of thinking is the box. Chances are, people
in your team have great ideas but they don’t always realize it. Abel is a neutral facilitator, he comes in without an attachment to what you are producing –
he comes from outside the box.


Here is what you stand to benefit when you hire Abel as your team-building brainstorming facilitator:

    • Everyone will have a chance to be heard
    • A safe brainstorming environment – where no negativity is allowed
    • Team participation – when people feel they have contributed, they are much more likely to buy into the outcome even if it wasn’t their specific idea
    • Collaborative innovative thinking
    • Solution finding – your team will move from idea to implantation



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