Abel Mukwevho
Professional Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur


Meet Abel

When was the last time you hired a speaker that was not only good on stage, but also had high content to share with his audience? Well,  Abel Mukwevho is that kind of speaker –A WORLD CLASS speaking sensation!

Abel Mukwevho is a multitalented professional speaker, facilitator and author specializing on subjects around Achievement, the world of work and entrepreneurship.

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Abel goes beyond
the speech

Abel uses his facilitation skills to help your team think differently, unconventionally and form a new perspective. He designs and leads team building and brainstorming sessions to help teams generate innovative ideas. With great team building and brainstorming sessions, you can; unite employees around a common goal, boost morale, and generate greater productivity. Abel will help you get to the awareness of what's breaking the team, and help the team be willing to mend the cracks.

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