Intervention Packages

Many professional speakers will just sell you a speech, and that’s it. You will agree with me that though their speech was thorough with very high content, its effectiveness soon died down. The human brain will only remember 20 minutes of any presentation. And if your audience is taking down notes, then the ideas need to be implemented within three days of hearing them.

Abel doesn’t want to just sell you a speech, he wants to sell you a working relationship. Why leave the implementation up to you? We want to see you achieve greatness and give you value for your money. So we will work with you to make sure you have achieved what you have set out to achieve. Because we want to deliver great value, we have put together the following packages for you:

Package 1

  • Day 1: Keynote presentation
  • Day 2: Brainstorming session
  • Day 3: Outdoor Team building

Package 2

  • Day 1: Keynote Presentation
  • Day 2: Brainstorming session

Package 3

  • Keynote presentation
  • Outdoor team Building

Package 4

  • Outdoor team building
  • Brainstorming session

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